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NY Healthcare Action Blitz

eventbritebanner Access to healthcare is an issue that affects every New Yorker. At one point or another we have all needed care. New York is one co-sponsors away from having a majority in the Senate which is a crucial step to passing a Universal Healthcare bill in which every New Yorker would receive comprehensive healthcare coverage under a single payer plan. This could be a model for other states. In solidarity with each other and with healthcare advocates across the state and country, Onstack is honored to support the Healthcare Action Blitz and their efforts to crowdsource video stories from all New Yorkers about the need for Universal Healthcare. So far, we’ve heard from patients, healthcare professionals and small business owners affected by the ACA that have: -Developed serious health problems because of cost or insurance company bureaucracy -Delayed treatment because of cost -Stayed in unhealthy relationships or jobs for fear of losing health care coverage -Worry about losing coverage if the ACA is repealed because of cost or a pre-existing condition. -Worry about losing their business because private insurance premiums keep rising -Observed different treatment for patients based on health insurance status -Observed a patient delay or refuse health care because of cost Let’s get this done right here at home and set the pace the rest of the nation. Telling our healthcare story could be the start, let’s start here.  

To add a video use one of these methods:

1. On a computer with a webcam:
  • Click the red record button. This will launch a new window to
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to record and edit your video.
2. With an iPhone
  • Download the Onstack app from the app store here
  • Once the app is installed scroll to the “New York Health Act Stories” stack and add your video by clicking the “+” icon on the right side of the screen.
3. Additionally, you can also email us your video in whatever format you would like
  • Send a link or file to and we’ll add it for you.