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Dear Friends,

Just before the Women’s March I began collecting video stories from friends and even total strangers about the event. A few folks contributed their own moments from DC and LA, but I wonder if you have any other videos to share from your own experience? They can be experiential, they can be video selfies, or recordings of other people. If you wanted to before but just couldn’t don’t worry, this is not a fleeting viral moment. This is a time unlike any in our history as a nation and your memories and reflections after the fact are just as relevant as they are on the day of Women’s March or any other march. 

My hope is that we can talk to each other face to face, documentary style, and through digital mediums. 

Using Onstack, it’s been easier than ever to make records. I don’t need anyone’s permission or platform, just me and my iPhone, talking to real live people. 

So here’s what I’ve got so far. 

Some of you mentioned that you would like contribute. If you’re interested you can contribute in several ways. 

  1. Download Onstack (for iPhone or Desktop only) and record and upload your video.
  2. Record a video with your mobile phone and send it to me directly:, I can edit and upload for you. 
  3. Record an interview with someone else, maybe a girlfriend or total stranger about the Women’s March or another march or activist group in which women were in leadership roles. 
  4. Just say the word, and I will personally come to meet you and record a video, in fact, I’d love to see you in person.