Welcome to Onstack

Onstack was created with the idea that what binds humanity is our similarities and not our differences.

Onstack is a social video platform and tool to be used with other social networks to collaborate on groups of videos we call “stacks”. 

A stack happens when someone has an idea for a video where they want others to participate. They start the stack, record the video and send it out to the world for others to join. At its core it is a powerful tool to crowdsource videos that can be about anything.

  • Video Petitions and Social Justice
  • Journalism and Documentary
  • Multi-Pov Event Videos
  • Creative Collaborations and Competitions like music, dancing and storytelling
  • Video Diaries
  • Opinion Gathering

And what ever else you can think of!

Our mission is to connect like minded people to expose truths with honest videos and to celebrate life by showing the best of what humanity has to offer through heartfelt video and meaningful collaborations.

 “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Happy stacking!