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Healthcare Advocates said they need Healthcare Stories NOW, so we hit the streets and found some.

On the morning of, June 3, 2017, what began as the hopeful ambitions of a few inspired Civic Hall members blossomed into a one-day outpouring of innovation and activism at the first Universal Healthcare Action Blitz. YOU made all of this…

3 tech applications…

more than 50 healthcare video stories,

90 social media graphics,

5 in-depth interviews,

3 infographics/animations,

and countless professional photos of real people with real stories.

Your hard work supports multiple universal healthcare organizations as they reach-out, amplify, and inform.


Elizabeth Aultman Thomas Barry

Georgia Davenport Mohummad Naeem

Kevin Powell Iziah Thompson

Dr. Mary O’Brien, Katie Robbins | PNHP, Len Rodberg, Stephanie Nakajima | Healthcare NOW | Civiv Hall

Our deepest thank you to the Action Blitz Steering Committee

Ellen Mendlow from Civic Hall

Kathryn Jones from Media Resistance Collective

Rapi Castillo at Progressive Coders

YuLing Hsu from Democratic Socialists of America



Record your memories of a day that will go down in history as the day women stood up against a bully, stood up for our rights as equal citizens of the United States, and stood up for each other as part of the universal female body.

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2. With an iPhone
  • Download the onstack app from the app store here
  • Once the app is installed scroll to the “Women’s March 2017” stack and add your video by clicking the “+” icon on the right side of the screen.
3. Additionally, you can also email us your video in whatever format you would like
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